From Blogspot to WordPress

‘We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master’.

– Ernest Hemingway.

I was posting blogs on Blogspot for sometime now.  But it is time I moved to ‘greener pastures’. That is why WordPress. This is my first post on WordPress.  11924549_891918927558685_3456593056655637955_n

But since I am new to WordPress  I am yet to learn the nuances of this blogging site. It is very much similar to getting yourself familiar to a new mobile phone that you have just purchased. You try to do something specific but all you can do is click here and there but all the time you are clueless about what is happening. I am just in that phase now.  Still learning.

  But WordPress I chose it over Blogspot because it is quite easy to handle. You can insert pictures etc and it is no hassle. There are beautiful themes and other options which I found makes WordPress more  versatile . I definitely want  to make a beautiful Indian bride out of my writings. 

Why blogging?  You never need to fear losing your writings if you have a blog. No fear of bookworm feeding on them or loose sheets slipping through your books or someone using them to wrap mithais.

But you have a different feeling if you have put your writings in paper.  You can compare your handwriting years later, the changed look of the paper makes you nostalgic and it brings a lot of memories even.  And a feeling of pride that you could actually save your writings from getting lost. These writings remind you of the many things that have transpired between these 2 ends of time.

And you can definitely read a blog anytime anywhere.

Pros and cons apart,  hope you will have a good time reading my future posts ( if you didn’t find this interesting enough)! Those well acquainted with writing will agree that it needs a good amount of time and patience to write something really impressive. So do bear with me.

Take care! 🙂

A new year again

Now and then a message pops on my WhatsApp reminding me that the new year is not far from now. And I am forced to draw conclusions from what I have accomplished and what remains to be accomplished.

I have been to new places in this year. This I definitely take as an accomplishment. I have travelled much even when I didn’t want to. I travelled to places within my town and I am happy I did because I came to know many things. I have seen houses made of mud, saw many tea gardens, came to know of the many surnames of tea garden workers, a glimpse of their life and health and could understand why tea garden workers contribute to the high MMR and IMR in the state. I have seen how people still carry a sick man to a hospital on a blanket tied to 2 poles.

I have smiled and tried to look at the brighter side of things. Specially when I was anxious about reaching my workplace on time and my food turned out horrible. I just hoped that this phase passes off soon.

I have made some of the biggest and also the wisest decisions of my life in this year. This year will continue to be in conversations for years to come. Oh, the never ending decisions we are compelled to make in a lifetime! *yawn*

I have struggled to get a transfer in the place of my choice. And I am happy that I succeeded. I am thankful to all those people who helped me in getting through this ordeal.

I feel like calling my new place of posting my second home. And  I feel so blessed to be able to work not far away from the comfort of my home. But change is constant. And I will wait to see what lies next.

I have not read much books this year. No to fictions. Yes. But I gathered a lot of knowledge on all things around. But the ocean of knowledge as they say is so vast I get bored and sleepy very easily. Until on those days when I am full of enthusiasm to learn something. I guess I cannot remain consistent on this front.

I have not watched many movies also this year. But Rahul Bose is still my favourite. What an actor! ‘Class’ is the word for him. I search for his films and have managed to watch some of his films. I do wish that he continues to enthrall me with his acting. The way he delivers words, his accent, and I have seen few instances when he lost his cool. I wonder why is he still single.(Okay that should not be my concern! ) Films I have seen where he is casted-

  1. Mr and Mrs Iyer.
  2. Antaheen.
  3. Anuranan.
  4. Chameli.

I hadn’t lived in a rental home all by myself anytime around. I have enjoyed staying alone sometimes and sometimes I just ran home. I have understood what it means by landlord and landlady. And their children. And no water supply for days. But I survived and continued partly because my home is some few kms away. Though it takes around 2.5-3 kms of travelling and hopping in different vehicles to reach home.

Like every passing year I will continue to remain hopeful for the new year that is fast approaching.

Thanks to all who have been kind/unkind to me. Every one taught me something 😉

Happy new year to all!💖

Effect of demonetisation on my father.💖

Milk is a much needed health drink in my home.  So it is not surprising that we had domesticated cows for this gift that cows bestow on us. But as they say, ‘no pains no gains’, we have had a hard time tending them.

In a country like India where more than 80% of its population lives in villages and agriculture being the prime occupation (okay, there is now a growing shift from this occupation and agricultural land is diverted for other non-agricultural purposes), most people still possess a cow at home. We had sold off our last cow sometime back due to lack of manpower to take care of them and started relying on the milkman for milk.

The adulteration of milk led us to cancelling the milkman from our list. And my father decided to purchase a cow again.

So one fine evening I came to know that my sweet father had gone to the bank. He approached the bank manager and asked him to give him 10000 rupees to buy a cow. The bank manager replied that he could give him 4000 Rupees only ( in the words of the narrator).

This I found really amusing.  Obviously the cow isn’t an urgent need for us now.

My father takes some decisions on instinct.  This must have also been one of them.

I don’t know if he his visit to the bank was for this sole purpose only. I just couldn’t help imagining the short conversation between the 2 of them.


Luv shuv te chicken khurana

See you will be very happy to see a catchy title in my blog sometimes but you will need to understand that I have to struggle sometimes to find a nice appropriate title for my post. So anything that comes to my head and makes sense to me in any way, I just go ahead with it.

Now this title is the name of a Hindi feature film. I watched it only for the 1st hour or so. Khurana- a old Punjabi man who ran a dhaba ( road side eatery)  was very famous for his chicken dish that he prepared for his customers. The man dies. And a young guy sets out to discover what made Khurana uncle’s dish so palatable. Every night he tries the same menu with permutation and combination of spices etc just to arrive at Khurana ji’s specific dish.

I don’t want to bore you with the review of the film.  Sorry, if you already are.

Message that I want to drive across is-we are in love with something in our life and we go desire to spend few bucks and time to fulfill them.  This we perceive as hobby. 

Like you can already see I like writing ( that is why I am here)- in magazines, newspapers, as blogs. It is not that I write everyday.  It is like a bubble.  It rises. Stays up in the air for sometime.  Raises your spirits high. Then disappears. As if it never existed.

But I think I wrote best in my school days. After that there wasn’t much time to read out- of -the -syllabus books. Nevertheless,  I will be very happy if I can land up with a column of my own in some popular daily someday and be called a ‘columnist’ along with my regular job. Till then it is happy writing.

When I am writing a blog I do want it to look beautiful. Complete with ornamentation. Like a bride.  😉 You want to express yourself through it. Give your best creative shot. You care for it, caress it, pamper it until it evolves into the darling you wanted. And when you look back you feel proud to be it’s most important part.

Whatever. If you are a reader, leave a comment below. It won’t cost you much time.  WordPress is user friendly.

I like gardening too.


I like plants. In school I loved learning names of flowers.  Petunias, tulips dandelions, daisy,  dahlia, etc. It seemed like these were English flowers.  And then you find these are the ones I already knew by their look but never knew their names.

Now I like growing vegetable plants too. Tomatoes, ladies finger, cabbages, bittergourd etc etc and it feels nice carrying basket full of vegetables to mummy’s kitchen. When I was small my youngest uncle used to grow vegetables in his small garden. I and my cousins used to have a nice time walking along the rows of plants and my uncle used to select the vegetables to be plucked. It was so much fun. Golden days.

This winter too I am looking forward to some good zaid crops at home. We have chilli, pumpkin, bitter gourd, tomato etc this season. My mom is keen on vegetables and hens at home. Since she is a homemaker they keep her cheerful and on her toes all day long.


Someone had professed once that I will make a good cook. My father then had laughed off this. I do wish this turns out true.  And I make super, finger licking dishes like Khuranaji.

But my sister was the sort who struggles to find what her hobby is.  And she often asks me, ‘ What is my hobby? ‘. You see, she was not keen in reading fiction. And I often forced her to read something I liked. It didn’t help much.  She wasn’t interested in things beyond her class. Some people are like that.

‘I like watching films’, she suddenly realised.

Thank God.

You should have a hobby.  It helps reaffirm your belief in the world that some things are still good.

So for those who wonder what pleasure one finds in trekking or travelling around in bikes or writing , look at yourself,  you too have a hobby (jis mein aapki jaan basti hai) which may seem weird to many.